What Happened on March 11th


8 ft x 16 ft installation
Digital prints, screen prints, and acrylic on paper

This installation serves as an abstracted timeline representing the four years of my undergraduate experience, reflecting specifically on how the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted my memory. The idea for this project originated as a way to reuse papers I collected over the past few semesters of school: an assortment of readings, notes, and syllabi on 8.5×11 inch printer paper. I arranged these papers according to the graphic weight of the printed material on each one and screen printed a hand drawn design onto each sheet. I then wheat pasted the prints next to one another to create continuous patterns representing the passage of time and the changes that have occurred throughout my college experience. The painted text is sourced from the email that the UNC administration sent on March 11th, 2020, to announce that the University was moving online due to the pandemic.